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We come to you! All packages below are private lessons in your home or local public areas. This allows the trainer to see the dog’s home environment and can be very helpful when coming up with a training plan. Private lessons also give you the trainer’s undivided attention and the ability to cover all areas you would like help with. Each lesson is personalized just for you and your dog.


Puppy Package

All Things Puppy

Potty Training

Nipping, Chewing, & Jumping

Intro to Basic Obedience

Obedience Package

Sit, Down, Come, & Stay

Leash Manners

Proof Cues around Distractions

Level Up to Intermediate & Advanced

Strategy Session

In Depth Strategy Session

Fear, Anxiety, & Aggression

Reactivity & Over-Stimulation

Customized Training Plan

Single Lessons

Not Ready for a Package?

Don’t need a Package?

Budget Friendly


Day Training

Busy Schedule?

No Time to Practice?

We Train the Dog for You!

In Your Home

Virtual Lessons

Lessons via video chat!

Meet From Anywhere!


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Dog Training Packages


Puppy Package

4 Lessons $300

Getting a new puppy is exciting! It can also be very confusing and frustrating. Puppies can get themselves into all sorts of trouble. They chew on furniture and pee on carpets. Their teeth are sharp, and their jumping is constant. It’s exhausting!

But they sure are cute!

Bringing up a puppy is hard and very important work. Puppies have developmental and social periods that require different needs. You’ll learn about these as well as teaching your puppy appropriate house manners such as potty training and crate training. We’ll also tackle some of their unwanted puppy behaviors like nipping, jumping, barking, etc.

For puppies 6 months and younger.


Obedience Packages

4 Lessons Each $300



Teach your dog the basics in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. You will learn to teach your dog how to sit, lie down, come, stay, and walk nicely on a leash. We can also touch on some basic behavior problems such as jumping, barking, begging, etc. Most importantly, your dog will learn that listening to you is fun – and they should do it more often!

For puppies and dogs of all ages.



Advance your dog’s basic obedience skills to the next level. In this course, you will teach your dog to drop it, leave it and we can even throw in a trick. We’ll continue to build and fine tune your basic obedience commands around distractions and with greater distance and duration.

The first two lessons are at your home and the last two are field trips that could be a walk in your neighborhood or meeting at a local park, trail, or store so we can practice in real world situations.



Let’s take the leash off! Train your dog to listen to you off leash and around distractions. Building on the skills you learned in basic and intermediate, we’ll have your dog focusing on you no matter the situation.


Strategy Session

2 Hour Lesson $150

A strategy session is for those who have dogs who are dealing with fear, anxiety, aggression, reactivity, and/or over-stimulation. These behaviors can be quite serious and need an in-depth strategy session to come up with a plan that you can start immediately. We take extra time to go over all of your questions and concerns so that you can feel confident in moving forward with a training plan. This plan may include more lessons, or the strategy session might be enough to set you off on the right path.

Single lessons are available for continued training.


Single Lessons

Single Lessons $80

Not ready for an entire package? Or do you have a specific problem that can be fixed with just one lesson? These lessons or completely flexible and you can pay as you go. Single lessons can be used for any type of obedience or behavior training.


Day Training

Day Training Package 

Are you busy and don’t have the time needed to work with your dog between lessons? Or do you want to keep with the training you have done but can’t seem to find the time to practice? Day training is the perfect solution! We come out to train your dog for you while you are at work, running errands, or otherwise occupied. If you are home, you are more than welcome to watch if you would like.

This program starts with a consult/planning session where I come out to meet you and the dog to find out more about your goals and see how the dog responds and interacts with me. We will come up with a plan to move forward and answer any questions you may have. These programs are customized to fit your needs and training goals. 


Virtual Lessons

We use Zoom to do a live video chat so we can meet from anywhere! These lessons are great for those who are not in our service area, anyone planning to do a long trip with their dog and want to bring us a long for support, as well as anyone who wants to meet via a convenient and safe way.

All lessons and programs are available virtually.


Loyal Leashes uses positive motivation to encourage dogs to learn and think.
Positive, force-free methods make training fun for dogs as well as their human companions.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.