Dog Walking

Neighborhood Walks, Decompression Walks, & Hikes


Exercise can help prevent bad habits such as chewing, barking, digging, and many others. It can also greatly help dogs who suffer from anxiety and stress.

These visits can include food, water, and treats as well as medication if needed. You will receive an email update that includes a picture of your pup and a map so you can see where we went.

Neighborhood Walks*

These walks are great for dogs who enjoy going out and seeing their neighborhood. Our focus is on exercise, however, we love to let dogs sniff and explore so they get the most out of their walk. These walks include any general care you need as well including feeding, water, medication, and treats.

15 Minute Walk/Potty Break – $15

30 Minute Walk – $20

1 Hour – $35

*Neighborhood walks are only available in Gardiner, West Gardiner, Farmingdale, and Litchfield. Other towns may be considered with a travel fee.

*These walks are for a limited time only. Contact me for more details. 

Decompression Walks

We all need a little time to unwind and relax. Your dog is no different. They have to navigate a human world and don’t always get to just be a dog. Let them get out and enjoy dog things. Sniffing, walking, bouncing, and exploring is what it’s all about! No structured training or expectations, just being a dog.

These walks are in a secluded area with minimal traffic/distractions. Your dog will be able to put all their focus into exploring the area and not have to worry about any interruptions. Dogs will be on a long line so they can have freedom of movement while staying safe.

1 Hour – $50

2 Hour – $90

Included – up to 30 minutes of travel time (round trip) so we are able to have a full 1 or 2 hour walk once we arrive at our destination.


Do you want your dog to go out and enjoy nature but also get some good exercise in? Hiking is a perfect way to do that but we don’t always have the time. Let me come take your dog out for an adventure they’ll love!

We’ll look for local trails, parks, and other areas to hike. Dogs will be on 4, 6, or 10ft leashes as we may run into other people and dogs along the paths.

1 Hour – $50

2 Hour – $90

4 Hour – $150

Included – up to 30 minutes of travel time (round trip) so we are able to have a full 1, 2, or 4 hour hike once we arrive at our destination.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.