Speaking Dog – Understanding Dog Body Language

Your dog is talking to you – are you listening?

Learning your dog’s language will help you recognize when your dog is nervous, stressed, or becoming uncomfortable. Often, we do not understand their signals and therefore are unable to intervene when needed and prevent over-arousal, fights, and/or bites. We’ll discuss dog body language as well as appropriate greetings and play. Come find out what your dog has been trying to tell you.

This 32 minute video presentation gives you an in-depth look into the language of dogs. Great for dog owners who are having behavioral challenges or just want a better understanding of their dog’s communication. This course is also a great educational tool for anyone who works or volunteers with dogs. Clear communication on both ends helps keep everyone safe.

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Virtual Training Sessions

All lessons and programs are available virtually. We use Zoom to do a live video chat so we can meet from anywhere! These lessons are great for those who are not in our service area, anyone planning to do a long trip with their dog and want to bring us a long for support, as well as anyone who wants to meet via a convenient and safe way.


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