Sunday FUNday! Each video has a fun activity for your dog. Why have so much fun? Well, your dog is always looking for something to do. If left to their own devices, they may find an activity that is not exactly what you’d like – barking out the window, chasing the cat, chewing the couch… But with activities and games, we can provide appropriate fun for our dogs to keep them happy and use those brains – which tires them out!

Enjoy and have FUN!!


Scatter Feeding
Egg Cartons
Paper Packaging
Find It
Easter Egg Hunt

Grass Feeding

Why Enrichment Matters

Towel Roll
Soup-er Bowl
Puzzle Games
St Patrick’s Day Decor
New Toy

Training Practice

Bath Time Enrichment

Boredom Box
Kong Wobbler
DIY Toilet Paper Roll Activity
Ice Cube Kong
Cones & Discs

Chewy Packaging


Peanut Butter Jar